Garage clearance

Did you know that seven out of ten UK householders use their garage as an extra storage space for stuff that they just don’t have room for inside the house? You probably do it too. A recent survey showed that one quarter of householders who own a car simply can’t get it into the garage because of all the stored possessions, junk, DIY and gardening equipment that are kept in there. It’s not surprising really - storage space in modern houses is minimal, and there is that big empty space in the garage, just waiting to be filled. The same survey also revealed that one in ten householders said that they would probably never get around to clearing out their garage, as it was too much trouble. That’s where comes in. We are here to help you to reclaim your garage as a useful space both for your car and your other useful tools and machinery, by getting rid of all the junk, bulky waste and unwanted furniture for you, at affordable prices.

We are a UK-wide network of garage rubbish clearance specialists who can come along at a time to suit you, load up and take away all the unwanted stuff from your garage. Our teams will ensure that everything you want removing gets removed, and then clear up after themselves so that you are not left with a mess. You can be confident that every item our waste carriers remove will be handled correctly and will end up in the right place – whether that is to be re-used, refurbished, recycled or (for a very small proportion of items) sent to landfill. One thing you can be sure of – our teams always dispose of stuff properly, it will never end up as fly-tipping or being illegally dumped somewhere.

What would you like us to load & remove?

Before our teams arrive to clear out your garage, there are a few tasks that will make the job simpler and quicker.

First of all, we need you to decide exactly what you want our teams to remove, and what they should leave behind. This is an important step – the last thing anyone wants to happen is for our teams to load up and remove something that you value.

If it’s a total garage clearance (i.e. leave the garage totally empty), then tell us and we can proceed to remove all the contents, including racking and fixtures if required. If you only want certain items removing, we will need you to indicate what is to be removed and what is not, preferably by either segregating the unwanted stuff, or clearly marking up the items that are to stay. Once you have done this, there is no need to be present while removal proceeds, our teams can be safely left to get on with the job.

There are a few materials that our teams are unable to handle either under the terms of their insurance, or due to health and safety concerns. These include toxic materials (e.g. asbestos, weed killer), flammable materials (e.g. petrol, diesel, butane, propane) or anything that could present a bio-hazard (e.g. animal or human waste). If you suspect you may have any of these present, please let our teams know.

What kind of things can we take away?

Our waste carriers can remove more or less anything that would ordinarily be found in a domestic garage, which can be a remarkably wide range of objects, considering the things people accumulate over time. Examples include:

Car parts and tools – engines, jacks, body panels, car spares, socket sets, spanners

Garden and general machinery – mowers, strimmers, hedge clippers, rotavators, chainsaws

Garden and general tools – rakes, spades, hoes, secateurs, saws, hammers, pliers

Furniture – sofas, chairs, cushions, tables, cupboards, umbrellas, patio heaters

Storage – racking, boxes, shelving, pallets

General junk – cardboard, paper, glass, plastic, carpet

Registered and insured waste carriers

Our waste carriers are part of a network that reaches out across Wales, England, Ireland and Scotland. They are all independent waste removal businesses, and as a condition of network membership, we ask that they hold relevant environmental registrations and insurance. This is to ensure that although you will be dealing with a small, local business, that there is a consistency of standards of operation across the whole network. Wherever you are in the UK, you will get the best possible rubbish removal services at the best possible prices.

Registration with the Environment Agency is required in order to handle many types of waste and rubbish, plus there may be local requirements on waste handling and disposal. We carry relevant insurance (public and employee liability for example) for your (and their own) protection in case something should go wrong. We believe that local knowledge is one of the major benefits of our approach to rubbish removal – local teams operating within a national network.

What will happen to my stuff?

Whichever waste carrier you decide to use, they will turn up punctually at the agreed time, with a suitable vehicle (van or truck depending on the size of the job), load up and go. All the items they load up will be assessed under a number of criteria:

Anything that can be immediately put back into use, or can be refurbished for re-use will be separated out. Anything that can’t be re-used but can be recycled will be fed into the appropriate recycling stream at an official waste disposal site. The remainder (usually less than 10% of items collected) will go into an official landfill site for legal and safe disposal. We are rightly proud of our record of preventing material going to landfill unnecessarily – 90% of items are re-used or recycled.

‘Man with a van’ is better & cheaper than a skip

Our man & van rubbish removal services are more convenient and can work out cheaper than hiring a skip. For a start, the team will do all the hard work and heavy lifting for you – if you hire a skip you will have to fill it yourself. A skip needs to be parked somewhere, you have to wait for it to be delivered and then collected again, and you may need a permit if it’s parked in the road. A team of junk removal experts will turn up whenever it is convenient for you, they only need somewhere to park their vehicle while it’s being loaded up, and then it will be gone along with all the troublesome goods and materials. A skip costs a fixed fee regardless of how much stuff gets put into it, whereas a man with a van via only charges for the amount they load up and remove – it can be more cost-effective than skip hire charges.

You can see that it makes complete sense to bring in our team of rubbish clearance experts the next time you need a full or partial garage clearance. We will make it straightforward and effortless for you to reclaim your valuable garage space, at the best prices guaranteed.