Garden clearance

Is your garden cluttered up with unwanted stuff such as branches, hedge clippings or piles of soil and turf? Do you have garden buildings, equipment or furniture that needs to be disposed of? Perhaps someone has been inconsiderate enough to fly tip on your premises - it happens. Before you call up and hire a skip, why not consider calling in our team of garden clearance experts instead? Our environmentally friendly waste carriers will turn up promptly at an appointed time, load up and remove all the accumulated junk, bulky waste and garden items and remove them for safe and ethical disposal. What’s more, with best prices guaranteed, hiring one of our teams is more convenient and can work out cheaper than skip hire.

Our waste carriers are located all across the UK, so they are never too far away. When you request a quote, our system checks availability and puts you in touch directly with rubbish removal teams closest to your location. Once you have made a booking, they will arrive in a van or a tipper truck (or whichever vehicle is most suitable for the job) and your garden waste worries are more or less over. You can leave them get on with loading up the unwanted stuff, and you can get on with something more useful, secure in the knowledge that our waste carriers all hold appropriate insurances and are licensed to handle your garden waste.

What we take away

We take away more or less anything that is to be found in a garden in the UK. Here are just some of the things they can handle:

Green Waste - hedge clippings, grass cuttings, turf, soil, plants, branches, tree trunks (we may need a little notice for these if they require cutting into manageable pieces)

Garden Buildings - sheds, greenhouses, play houses, summer houses, decking, pergolas

Garden Furniture - tables, chairs, benches, umbrellas, barbecues, patio heaters, compost bins, plant pots, planters, raised beds, play equipment (trampolines, paddling pools, goalposts and nets, basketball hoops…)

General Waste - rubble, litter, bulky waste, fly-tipping residue

Our teams just need to know specifically what you require, and they can get on with the job.

What we don’t do

First of all, although the waste carriers featured on are garden waste removal experts, they are not gardeners. Sadly, they can’t cut your hedge, mow your lawn or take out an unwanted tree, but once it’s been done, they will happily clear up the remains.

There are also a few substances that our teams are not allowed to transport or handle either under the terms of their licensing, or due to health and safety concerns. Here are some prohibited items:

Anything Toxic or Harmful - weed killer is a good example. Any material containing asbestos also requires specialist handling.

Anything Flammable - butane or propane cannisters, methylated spirits and petrol are commonly found in gardens and require special handling.

We are nationwide but local too

Our teams are all ‘man and a van’ independent operators, spread over the length and breadth of the UK. They are all small businesses with plenty of knowledge of the local area, and are able to flex to suit the customer’s individual requirements, offering the best possible prices available locally. What ties these individual businesses together is membership of the network, which not only ensures the allocation of jobs to the most appropriate team, but also ensures a consistency of standards wherever in the country that job happens to be. This means that our customers benefit from being able to deal directly with a local business owner (someone they can meet face to face), allied with the application of a nationwide set of high behavioural and service delivery standards. It’s win - win all round.

Environmental focus

We are pleased to state that from an environmental point of view, our members manage to recycle or re-use over 90% of the items they remove, with 10% or less going directly into landfill. We are also pleased to say that everything the teams handle ends up exactly where it should be, and is never illegally dumped or disposed of.

Our teams assess every item they collect against a set of criteria before deciding on the most appropriate method of disposal. Ideally, items can be re-used directly, in which case they tend to be passed on immediately. The next best option is if they can be refurbished or repurposed in some way to make them usable again (garden furniture and planters are examples of goods that can often be repurposed). Failing the re-use route, next comes recycling (green waste such as hedge clippings and grass for example usually go straight for composting). As the very last resort, any residue (the 10% or less) has to go into landfill.

For your safety and protection, our waste carriers all hold relevant licenses with local authorities and the Environment Agency, plus they are fully insured. This means that they not only operate to strict environmental standards, but also if there is a problem that can’t resolve, there is a higher authority to appeal to.

Ditch the skip - hire a ‘man with a van’

Garden waste could certainly go into a skip, but why would you want to expend the time and effort in handling it all yourself or hiring someone to do it for you? Skips need a place to be sited, they may require a permit, they look unsightly and an open skip is just asking for an unscrupulous person to dump their own rubbish in it. You pay a flat rate however much you put into a skip, so if you don’t fill it totally, you are paying someone to remove fresh air.

On the other hand, our licensed waste carriers will personally load all your garden waste and unwanted items directly onto their vehicle (no chance for someone else to nip in and take advantage), they only park their vehicle for as long as the loading takes (no permits needed), and you only pay for the amount they load. Effortless rubbish and bulky waste removal, at a saving on skip hire prices - what could be better?

To get the best possible prices on reliable, ethical garden waste clearance and bulky waste removal, the obvious choice is a garden clearance team via the network.