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If you are looking for professional factory / warehouse rubbish clearance and junk removal services in the Abbotsford area, look no further. Our network of waste carriers are situated all across the UK, so we will have one or more members in your area. Our man with a van rubbish removal teams have experience in clearing all kinds of bulky waste, junk and unwanted equipment, and can be on your site the same day, the next day, or whenever you need them. You can engage with our waste carriers with total confidence because they are not only licensed to carry waste, they are also fully insured. They also commit to work very hard to clear your factory floor or your warehouse space quickly and efficiently. You’ll like the prices too - our junk removal teams offer the best possible prices in the Abbotsford area - you have our promise on that.

The amount of work involved in clearing a warehouse or a factory can vary considerably. Sometimes, our teams are asked to simply remove some accumulated waste (as a one-off or on a routine basis), or take away a single large item. Other times, especially if a business has closed down, the entire premises needs to be emptied and all equipment, furniture and machinery removed, which is naturally a much larger job. In order to give an accurate quote, our teams will usually need to make an initial visit to the site so that they can weigh up the length of time the job will take, which will go a long way to setting the cost for the job.

When you bring in a Abbotsford-based Rubbish.com team, you can be sure of a few things. They work quickly but safely, obeying all the appropriate Health and Safety at Work rules. They hold relevant licenses from local authorities and the Environment Agency, and therefore adhere to the material handling rules imposed by their licenses. Very importantly, they make sure that all the materials and equipment that are removed from your site get routed appropriately for re-use, refurbishment or recycling (we are proud to say that 90% of the items our teams remove are kept out of landfill). Lastly, they operate courteously, efficiently and professionally, and they clean up after themselves, so that you aren’t left with a mess to deal with.

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Clearing a large building can be a daunting task, so it’s best left to the professionals. Our teams have all the tools, equipment and skills to enable them to strip down and remove large items such as machinery and conveyors. Many of our rubbish removal teams have flatbed trucks, complete with a crane, to ensure that any heavy lifting is completed quickly and safely. Smaller items can usually be loaded onto a truck or into a van, ready to be taken for appropriate treatment or disposal. Every effort is made to ensure that all the items that the teams remove are able to either be re-used immediately, or after refurbishment. Any equipment that is too damaged for re-use or totally obsolete, and any junk or rubbish that is collected will be put into the most appropriate official recycling location around the Abbotsford region for processing and eventual re-use. Anything that simply can’t be of future use goes (reluctantly) to landfill - this is a last resort, but thankfully, only a very small proportion ends up going down this route. We can happily assure you that everything our rubbish clearance teams remove will be disposed of legally, ethically and with due regard to environmental protection - never fly tipped or illicitly dumped.


We are a UK-wide network, with consistent operating standards wherever in the UK you may be, and we offer a single point of contact for all your enquiries and to help when things go wrong. Where we differ from other nationwide waste removal businesses is that we also have a strong local element. All our teams are independent waste carrier businesses, each with their own specialisations and with local knowledge which comes in very handy in their work. We believe this structure gives our customers the very best of both worlds - a large organisation made up of small man and van operators who each have a very personal interest in delighting their customers. A small business is more able than a large one to be flexible in the services they offer, and can customise their propositions to exactly match their customer’s needs. They tend to be more cost-efficient too, and these lower costs can be passed on directly to the customer, which is reflected in the attractive prices on offer.


We appreciate that you are busy, and that you probably don’t have the time or the energy to ring around and scour the internet to find the best deal on warehouse or factory rubbish clearance services. Finding just the help you are seeking may feel like a daunting task, but you needn’t worry - we have the contact information you need all in one place. We will do the searching for you, and find a waste carrier in the Abbotsford area who is available to do the job, once you have given us a little information:

We need to know exactly where the factory / warehouse premises are, so find the GET QUOTES button at the top of the page, and click on it.

Type the factory’s post code into the box, and select the correct location from the list that will appear.

Click on FIND, and up will come a selection of licensed waste carriers near you that are available to take on the work. You can get in touch with them directly to discuss your requirements, and get an immediate quote, or arrange a quotation visit (for larger jobs).

Get your warehouse or factory rubbish cleared quickly and professionally, and free up that valuable space without breaking into a sweat. Let one of our rubbish removal teams do the hard work for you, at a time to suit you, and at an affordable price.