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Do you actually keep your car in your garage? You may be surprised to learn that in the Abbey area, one quarter of car owners can’t get their car into the garage because of all the stuff that is stored in there. The garage is often the last resting place for everything that can’t be conveniently stored inside the house, and is being kept ‘because it might come in useful’. Now’s the time to be ruthless and reclaim your garage space - however, a recent survey revealed that ten percent of respondents actually felt that they would not be willing to clear out their garage, because it would involve too much hard work. Don’t worry, help is at hand to give your garage the clear out it needs, and it won’t cost the earth. The UK-wide network has garage rubbish clearance teams near at hand who are willing to do the work for you. Our teams can not only help you with garage clearances, they can also dismantle an old garden shed and take it away if you’ve finished with it. Don’t hire a skip and do the work yourself, put it all into the hands of one of our local waste carriers, who will work tirelessly until the job is complete, and even clean up after themselves too.

Naturally, not everything that is stored in your garage or shed is useless junk. Among all the unnecessary items and rubbish will be stuff that needs to be retained such as DIY materials and tools, decorating equipment, car spares and garden machinery. All you need to do before bringing in one of our Abbey-based teams is to decide exactly what you want to keep, and what needs to go. Once you’ve done that you can tell the team, and then leave them to get on with the hard work. If you want a total clearance, the team can dismantle and remove racking as well as shifting any bulky waste and unwanted furniture, so you will be left with a wonderful clear space to use as you wish. Maybe you could even use it for the car!

We have rubbish clearance teams based around every major town and city, so there will certainly be one or more who operate in the Abbey region. The great news is that although we are nationwide organisation, all our teams are small independent ‘man with a van’ operators, who are familiar with the area around your home. They are courteous and hard-working, and will turn up, on time, in a suitably adapted vehicle (a van or a truck) for the size of job, and simply get to work. You can be present during the clearance, or you can leave them to it, and get on with something more important.

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Our teams are all insured in case of any problems that might arise, and they carry certification from the Environment Agency or the Abbey Local Authority (as appropriate), which permits them to carry all sorts of waste, rubbish and junk. All our teams have a strong environmental ethos too - your junk will always be disposed of legally and in an ethical manner. You will never find anything they remove being dumped or left as fly-tipping, which does happen with some rogue operators. We are proud of the fact that between them, our teams manage to divert 90% of the items they load up and remove away from landfill. They achieve this by carefully sorting and segregating items into a number of ‘streams’. Typical streams include items that can be re-used in their current state and stuff that needs a little work such as refurbishment or re-purposing (furniture often falls into this category). If items are unusable, they are then assessed for material content so that they can be recycled - metals, glass, plastic etc. If there is nothing salvageable or recyclable, the small amount that remains has to go into landfill.


Although our teams can be trusted to work without supervision, there are a few things you can do to make the most of their efforts before they get on with the work. A bit of forethought will ensure the job is completed correctly and quickly.

Most obviously, you need to be sure precisely what you want them to do. Our teams are used to completing jobs of all sizes and complexities, from removing a single bulky item to clearing an entire property. If you want a total shed or garage clearance, simply ask them to remove every single item, including shelving and racking. If you don’t want fixtures removing, it’s important to say so up front.
If you are seeking a partial clearance, it’s a good idea to clearly label up the things that either need to go or to stay. This can avoid any confusion, and prevent anything being removed that is of value to you.

To make the job quicker, and to assist with safe handling, it’s a good idea to ensure that access to the garage or shed is clear of obstructions. The teams will also need to get their vehicle as close to the garage entrance as possible, so parking your car well out of the way will help.


No-one likes to pay through the nose, and when it comes to clearing bulky waste and rubbish from your garage, we appreciate that you will want the best possible prices available in the area. We have made the process of obtaining quotes for same day or next day clearance services really simple. Just give us a bit of information about the location of the garage, and we will do the rest.
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Contact your preferred supplier directly to discuss your requirement, and to get a personalised quote for the work - it really couldn’t be much easier. Our teams are all committed to delivering a high-quality service at the best possible prices in the local area, so you’re certain to be delighted by the quote you receive.