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There are many things to consider when you are preparing to bring in a ‘man with a van’ to help clear a house or remove bulky waste and other unwanted items from your property. Our teams are experts at house clearance, but a bit of up-front planning will always help to ensure things go completely smoothly.

Clearing a house takes time. Our teams are often called in when a period of rental has ended, or a house has been sold. We appreciate that speed is very important under these circumstances, but to safely handle a houseful of furniture and other items, our man & van rubbish clearance teams need to be given sufficient time. In order to estimate the length of time needed for a full house clearance, assume a single load can take up to 2 hours, and each full room will take up to 4 hours. Don’t forget that the attic, cellar, garage or garden will also take a similar length of time.

Check for important or sensitive documents. Avoid putting documentation containing sensitive or confidential information in for recycling. Apart from the danger of someone intercepting the information and leaving the owner open to identity theft or fraud, the documents may be necessary for probate. Check any paperwork for personal details such as names and addresses, bank details and credit card information. If there is any doubt, retain the paperwork in a safe place and then shred it when it’s finished with.

Do a quick check for valuable items. Before the rubbish collection team arrives at the site, it’s always a good idea to see if there is anything of potentially high value in the house. This is particularly important if you are getting the clearance done on behalf of someone else, or if there has been a bereavement, and a valuation will be needed for probate. Valuable items could include jewellery, artworks, furniture and antiques, or items can simply have great sentimental value, so remove them before they get taken away. Your local auction house may be able to provide you with valuation services, and even sell the items for you.


Getting reliable, honest and value for money clearance services in and around the Ipswich area really couldn’t be easier. To get a quote for your same day or next day rubbish removal services, we just need to know where the rubbish or junk is located, so here’s what you do:

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We’ve made it as easy as possible for you to get access to affordable, dependable rubbish and bulky waste removal and house clearance services in Ipswich, so don’t delay, contact a member today.