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The answer to that is practically anything that would usually be found in the retail environment. Apart from packaging and display materials, here are some of the other things they can take away:

Shop fittings - counters, racking, shelving, rails, hangers, displays, mannequins

Furniture and soft furnishings - chairs, sofas, cushions, curtains and blinds, carpets and mats

Electrical and electronic goods (to be disposed of under WEEE rules) - tills, scanners, computer equipment, phones, advertising hoardings and boards, vending machines

Unwanted or unsaleable goods - excess or returned stock, damaged goods


All the teams within the network are local independent man and a van junk removal businesses, who operate within the terms set by our UK-wide network. We chose this approach because it gives our customers a number of major benefits. First of all, you can deal directly with the individual who owns the business, not a call centre or a target-driven sales organisation. This means you can discuss your needs, and agree the best possible solutions to your junk and bulky waste removal problems with someone who really understands this area of work. Secondly, being small businesses brings flexibility in relation to services and pricing - there are no prescribed tariffs for particular jobs, the only requirement that the network places upon its members is that they must offer the best rubbish removal prices in Grove Park . Thirdly, the overarching network ensures a safe and consistent standard of operation across the UK, and is there in support of our customers if any problems arise that can’t be resolved locally. Naturally, each individual team also holds appropriate insurance, environmental accreditations and waste carrier licenses to cover the materials that they handle.

Our Grove Park-based rubbish collection teams are all environmentally conscious, and we are proud of the hard work that they put in, in order to prevent materials ending up as landfill. More than 90% of the items that they load up and remove are sent into the re-use, refurbish or recycle streams, with less than 10% going directly to an official landfill site. The way they achieve such an excellent result is by paying attention to the materials that they are loading up for removal. A bit of care in handling something such as unwanted goods or furniture, and they can put it out for re-use immediately. Something that is perhaps a bit too careworn to be used as-is can often be refurbished or re-purposed with not too much effort, and it can be put back into use quickly and economically. If anything is too far gone for refurbishment, the individual parts can be routed into official recycling centres around the area to put them back into the manufacture of something new - it’s all good for the environment.


We appreciate that you’re busy, so we’ve ensured that the quote process is quick and easy. To find out the cost of same day or next day shop rubbish clearance and junk removal services in Grove Park, just follow these simple steps:

  • To begin - go to the top of the page and click the GET QUOTES button
  • Tell us where the shop is located (we need your post code)
  • Select a location - the one nearest to your shop, and then click on FIND

We will show you a selection of waste carriers who are available and able to get to you. Simply choose one and contact them directly to get your competitive quote.

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