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This guide is intended to provide you with approximate costs for rubbish removal and full/part house clearances in the UK as well as a comprehensive list of factors that can affect the price.

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Finding a reputable waste carrier or man and van team in the UK is important since the improper disposal of rubbish can lead to heavy fines imposed or prison sentencing for fly-tipping. Don’t take your chances and instead arrange for prompt, professional rubbish removal from licensed partners listed on this site.

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No-obligation quotes

Date Job Member Location Cost
28 Apr 2021 We was called out to Portsmouth to dispose of a fridge freezer and a washing machine. Rubbish & Waste Clearance Portsmouth Portsmouth £50.00
27 Apr 2021 We was called out to Sidmouth, Devon to dispose of a Pvc front door, and a Pvc window frame. Shift Waste Sidmouth, Devon £36.00

Perhaps you’re searching for ‘house clearance prices near me’ or ‘rubbish removal prices near me’ only to find that there’s no single, standard price for these services in the UK. And for good reason: there are just too many factors for a one-size-fits-all price amongst all waste carriers.

How much will it cost for rubbish removal, full or part house clearance services near you? Let’s find out. 

What type of service do you need?

Firstly, the biggest consideration that will affect the price of your house clearance or rubbish removal will be the type of service you require. Are you looking to get rid of a few old, worn-out white goods or that old sofa that still looks and smells like 1980? Do you need an entire house cleared from probate, an eviction order, or a hoarder? The cost will vary significantly based on the scale and scope of work to be completed.

Where your rubbish is located

Is your residential or commercial property located in a hard-to-reach location? How far away is the nearest waste carrier? Longer driving distances will incur higher fees, but fortunately, we put you in touch with licensed local waste carriers near you which will keep costs competitive.

The speed of service you want

The urgency of your house clearance or waste removal may affect the prices quoted. Same-day service may cost more than services requested a week in advance, for example.

Get quotes before choosing

The best way to get accurate pricing for your household rubbish removal, commercial waste removal, or waste disposal is to use today and request free, no-obligation quotes from our listed partners.

We also give you the option of attaching photographs of your waste, which can greatly improve the accuracy of the quote since the waste carrier can get a better idea of time and labour requirements to complete the job successfully.

You can also get in touch with a waste carrier near you and request a site visit to ascertain the scope of work to be carried out. Typically, an experienced waste carrier can provide you with on-the-spot quotes once they’ve seen the waste in person.

Full and part house clearances

House clearance is important for maintaining the health and safety of our living spaces, so it only makes sense that household items should be collected and removed by professionals trained in safe and compliant bulky waste removals.

But how much does a house clearance cost? Well, consider the size of your home, how much waste needs to be removed, where your home is located, and what type of waste needs to be collected.

What affects the price of house clearance services?

Before requesting a full or part house clearance, consider the following:

  • Which items need to be removed: a man and van team can handle a few sofas or white goods with relative ease, but larger, bulkier items may require more time and effort to remove. Furthermore, specific items such as mattresses, paint cans, and builder materials require separate disposal and therefore may command higher costs.
  • How much needs to be removed: perhaps the most important consideration with regards to price is simply how much rubbish needs to be cleared from the home. Part house clearances, all other things equal, cost less than full house clearances, large house clearances cost more than small house clearances, and so on.
  • Stairs and accessibility: for most experienced house clearance jobs, stairs are expected. If your flat is located up multiple flights of stairs, however, or the staircases are in old, narrow spaces difficult to manoeuvre, this could pose challenges that result in more time and labour than expected. Notify the company if a lift is available for use.
  • Time and labour requirements: longer jobs requiring more labour will cost more than jobs that require less. House clearance staff often work in teams of two or three, but big projects may require more man-hours and take longer than expected.
  • Experience: as with most services, experience plays an important role as more experienced teams may command higher prices, but in return you’ll often benefit from superior efficiency because they’ll perform the job on time and on budget more reliably than a cowboy waste carrier with perhaps no licenses, qualifications, or experience.
  • Location: depending on where you live in the UK, prices can vary significantly. For instance, house clearance in London or the South East can cost up to twice as much as a similar service in Sunderland or Middlesbrough. Also consider the distance between your home and the waste carrier. Rural areas that may be difficult to reach can result in more time and labour expenses than clearances in well-connected urban centres.

Average house clearance prices in the United Kingdom

It costs approximately £600 - £750 to have a standard-sized house in the UK fully cleared by a typical man and van team with three employees. Part house clearances will likely cost far less, but hoarded houses or houses with a significant quantity of electronic recyclables, mattresses, or hazardous materials can command far higher prices as well.

The costs can be broken down as such:

  • Recycling and tipping fees: the typical cost that commercial landfills and recyclers charge to waste carriers varies between £200 - £300 for a typical Luton van full of household waste.
  • Employee wages: a typical three-person team costs approximately £220 in wages, which includes PAYE, pensions, and insurance.
  • Transport costs: it costs about £95 per day to pay for fuel, vehicle insurance, and congestion fees and taxes.
  • Overhead costs: the average overhead cost that most waste carriers must pay is about £85 per day. This includes utilities, public liability insurance, waste carrier licensing, office rent, etc.

Therefore, on the lower end a standard full house clearance will cost about £600. In reality, most house clearance projects involve some degree of electronic goods (which cost £5 per item to recycle), mattresses, and other bulky goods that can result in prices up to about £750.

Rubbish removal prices

Bulky items, garden rubbish removal, office and household waste removal prices fluctuate widely depending on a number of factors. The type of waste, quantity, its location, and the expected duration of the job are all important considerations.

What affects the price of rubbish removal services?

The cost of rubbish removal in the UK will vary widely depending on a range of factors, including:

  • How much waste must be collected: most waste carriers charge per cubic yard of waste to be removed. For example, two cubic yards would be about the size of four washing machines. 20 cubic yards would be about the size of 40 wheelie bins or 100 dustbin bags. The more to be collected, the more you can be expected to pay.
  • How will the waste be disposed: not all waste ends up in the landfill. In fact, most reputable waste carriers will strive to divert waste towards recycling before resorting to the landfills. Garden waste, builder waste, and electronic waste, for example, all need to be sorted and processed separately for environmental reasons and to remain compliant with waste disposal laws. Commercial landfills charge more for different waste categories, so knowing how it will be disposed can potentially save you lots of money.
  • How will the waste be collected: do you require a single man and van team to come pick up your bulky goods in one go, or will multiple trips be required? Is your property located far away from the waste carrier’s location? Is the property difficult to access with a typical waste removal vehicle? The more complexity involved, the higher the costs will likely be.
  • Which type of waste items must be collected: as mentioned above, the type of waste can play an important role in determining the expected cost for the service. Moreover, specific goods such as mattresses, hazardous materials, asbestos, gas canisters, and paint cans may have their own prices for removal since they cannot legally be disposed of along with other rubbish.
  • How much labour is required: naturally, the more labour required, the more you are expected to pay. Waste carriers must provide PAYE, pensions, and cover their overhead costs for licensing, vehicle maintenance, and more. Expect to pay around £60 per hour on average for each hour of labour for a typical man and van team.

Average rubbish removal prices in the United Kingdom

The average price of rubbish removal in the UK ranges from about £70 - £150, with a national average cost of about £95, according to an aggregated estimate. Another estimate gives a more conservative range of around £50 - £200 with an average cost of about £125. Please note that these values are approximate and that the above factors can result in services that cost significantly more or less.

The best way to narrow down the price for your rubbish removal is to enquire with a local waste carrier on Obtain a free, no-obligation quote and send them a photograph if you like so they can give you a better idea of how much you’ll be expected to pay. Some will even come to your property and provide on the spot quotes.

Beware of prices too good to be true

If you’ve found a waste carrier outside of offering prices that seem simply too good to be true, it’s probably because it is too good to be true. Unfortunately, fly-tipping is a problem in the UK as it is elsewhere, and many occurrences of fly-tipping come from commercial waste removal companies operating illegally.

Although you may save a few quid with a cowboy company, you could be held liable if it is later discovered that the waste originated from your property. Fines of up to £50,000 can be imposed and in some cases, prison sentencing up to 12 years. It simply isn’t worth the risk.

All waste carriers in the UK must be registered with the Environment Agency and hold a Waste Carriers License. You can rest assured that we hold these qualifications and are committed to eco-friendly waste collection and removal - no fly-tipping!

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