Rubbish Removal Near Me: Find The Best Local Waste Carrier

If you are searching online for “rubbish removal near me”, you’d want to know the following about the waste carrier:

  • Are they licensed waste carriers?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • What are the reviews like?
  • What are their prices?
  • What types of rubbish can they collect?
  • What is their timeframe for reaching me?
  • Do they operate responsibly and professionally?

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How to find “rubbish removal near me” in the UK

No matter where you live in the UK, you can find dependable rubbish removal near you by using Our platform makes rubbish collection easy and affordable. Start your search today by clicking on GET QUOTES.

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What to consider in a local rubbish removal company

Rubbish removal is a competitive market in the UK with many local and national companies competing for your business. While this provides you, the customer, with a great amount of choice, it also means that you should do your due diligence to find a dependable rubbish clearance team that provides competitive prices and flexible services.
Consider the following when searching for “rubbish clearance near me”:

  • Are they licensed waste carriers? Only choose licensed waste carriers that possess a valid license from the Environment Agency or other authority.
  • How long have they been in business? A positive reputation garners trust and it signals competence and expertise. Try to choose rubbish removal companies with years of industry experience.
  • What are the reviews like? Online reviews are extremely important for demonstrating how trustworthy a rubbish removal company is.
  • What are their prices? Genuine rubbish clearance companies should offer competitive rates and offer transparent and free quotes. Avoid offers that sound too good to be true, however, as rogue traders may be engaged in fly-tipping.
  • What types of rubbish can they collect? Some types of waste such as hazardous waste (batteries, paints and solvents) cannot be disposed of easily. Ask your preferred rubbish removal company if they can sort and dispose of your waste or rubbish since not all companies can dispose of certain types.
  • What is their timeframe for reaching me? All dependable rubbish clearance companies should be willing to offer flexible schedules for rubbish removal, including next-day or same-day rubbish removal services.
  • Do they operate responsibly and professionally? Being a licensed waste carrier means operating in a legally compliant manner and not engaging in fly-tipping. Environmentally conscious rubbish clearance companies strive to divert landfill waste as much as possible and to maximise recycling.

Rubbish removal licences in the UK

The rubbish clearance industry in the UK is regulated for any waste carriers engaged in the transport, buying, selling, or disposal of waste. There are various categories of waste carrier, but for the sake of brevity any rubbish removal company that collects, transports, and disposes of waste from homes and commercial properties must be an upper-tier waste carrier (or equivalent) with one of the authorities listed below:

Region Licence Required Government Agency
England Upper Tier Waste Carrier, Broker, or Dealer Environment Agency
Wales Waste Carriers, Brokers or Dealer Natural Resources Wales (NRW)
Scotland Waste Carrier or Broker Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA)
Northern Ireland Upper Tier Waste Carrier Northern Ireland Environment Agency

Note that rubbish removal companies with a waste carrier operating out of Scotland, for example, can transport waste to/from England or elsewhere in the UK, provided they have a valid licence.

Always ensure that your preferred rubbish clearance team possesses a valid waste carrier licence. This is important to combat illegal fly-tipping and to ensure you are dealing with legitimate businesses compliant with waste disposal regulations. All members possess a waste carrier licence as it is a prerequisite for joining our platform. We are registered with the Environment Agency ourselves as upper-tier waste carriers, brokers, and dealers in England.

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Urban rubbish removal services in the UK

In cities everywhere in the UK, rubbish removal is an essential service that helps keep homes and business properties clean and tidy. Most cities have dependable council bin waste collection for household waste and many other types of rubbish, but some cities such as London also have big problems with illegal fly-tipping. All sorts of waste are commonly discarded on properties, such as being tossed over a fence onto an adjacent property.

Rubbish clearance is essential in urban areas in order to keep homes and businesses tidy, but prompt same-day or next-day rubbish clearance for things like food waste or organic waste can be essential to not attract rodents and pests to the property.

Furthermore, bulky waste often cannot be reasonably thrown into a nearby skip bin, especially if the property is in a dense urban neighbourhood and no space is available on the property to place the skip. Obtaining permits to leave a skip bin on public right-of-way just to dispose of unwanted waste can end up being a complicated, stressful, and expensive endeavour.

Residents in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Liverpool, Newcastle upon Tyne, Sheffield, Bristol, Leeds, Nottingham, and other urban centres in the UK should use dependable man and van rubbish clearance teams to quickly and affordably dispose of unwanted rubbish such as garden waste collection, excess domestic household waste, white goods, furniture, and much more. has dependable rubbish removal teams in cities all across the UK.

Rural rubbish removal services in the UK

Rural and remote parts of the UK also need dependable rubbish removal services. Whereas competition for rubbish removal may be higher in densely populated urban centres, rural parts of the UK may have fewer companies available to assist. Moreover, customers located in remote areas should expect longer response times as there may be much more distance required to reach your property, which can translate to higher call-out fees.

As in urban centres, fly tipping is also a problem in rural areas since it may be far easier for an individual to simply toss bags of rubbish onto privately owned rural land or, as is often the case, on the side of the motorway. Responsible and legally compliant rubbish removal is therefore just as important for homeowners and business owners in smaller towns and communities as it is in the cities.

In the Scottish Highlands, parts of Northumberland, the Lake District, northern Wales, the Yorkshire Dales, and many other smaller towns and villages, has licensed waste carriers providing rubbish removal services at competitive prices.

Local council regulations for rubbish and waste disposal

Local councils in the UK provide routine collection of household waste and rubbish, such as food waste, garden waste, and recyclables. Bin waste collection is typically separated by waste stream, using various coloured bins that are collected every week, for example, at a scheduled time by council waste management employees or a contracted waste management company.

The specific regulations for councils across the UK outline which items can or cannot be accepted in these bins. A few examples include:

Council Authority Bin Accepts Does not Accept
London Borough of Hounslow Red Bin
  • Cardboard
  • Paper
  • Newspapers
  • Shredded paper
  • Plastic sleeves
  • Coated paper
Manchester City Council Blue Bin
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Paper and shredded paper
  • Newspaper, magazines and catalogues
  • Batteries
  • Electrical items
  • Soil
  • Building rubble
City of Edinburgh Council Brown Bin
  • Flowers, plants and weeds
  • Grass cuttings and leaves
  • Hedge clippings, twigs and small branches
  • Animal waste and bedding
  • Plant pots
  • Soil or turf

With hundreds of local council authorities in the UK, the specific types of rubbish and waste accepted for bin waste collection - and which colour of bin and how frequently they provide waste bin collection - varies significantly. Consequently, endeavour to visit your local council waste collection website for specific information as to what can and cannot be accepted.

Simply, items that are accepted can and should be placed in the appropriate bin for collection by your council. It is paid through your taxes in any case, so take advantage and use their services. Many councils also offer scheduled collection of bulky waste as well, although the speed of service may be lacking and hiring a reputable rubbish clearance company near you may be far more convenient.

Items that cannot be accepted must be disposed of in a safe and legally compliant manner, i.e. no fly-tipping! Rubbish clearance companies can collect and dispose of many waste items, including mixed waste streams, and dispose of all waste in an environmentally responsible way that is also legally compliant.

Man and van rubbish clearance vehicles

Rubbish clearance companies must have vehicles specially adapted to the task at hand in order to safely load and transport rubbish and waste materials to/from the customer’s property and to the appropriate waste disposal site.

Below are some of the rubbish removal vehicles commonly used in the UK, how much they can carry (approximately), and what they are most frequently used for:

Vehicle Type Capacity (cubic yards) Common Applications Rubbish & Waste Examples
Transit Van 5-10 Small rubbish removal Domestic household rubbish, garden waste collection, waste bin collection
Skip Lorry 6-16 Skip bin transport Construction & demolition waste
Box Tipper 10-14 Bulk waste removal Furniture, white goods, bulk waste collection
Flatbed Lorry 10-20+
(3-15 tonnes)
Construction & demolition debris removal Large-scale construction & demolition waste, pallets, heavy & inert waste items
Luton Van 12-24 Domestic rubbish removal Domestic household rubbish, garden waste collection, tall & bulky waste
Grab Lorry 15-20
(7-18 tonnes)
Construction & demolition debris removal Large-volume construction & demolition waste, soil & aggregate, landscaping waste

For most ordinary household clearance and rubbish removal jobs, a box tipper, transit van, or Luton van will be sufficient. Most rubbish clearance man and van teams use these types of vehicles for the majority of their work.

Skip lorries are not typically used in the same manner and instead are designed to transport and drop off or pick up skip bins from properties.

Larger vehicles such as flatbed lorries, grab lorries, and other large trucks are commonly used for large volumes of waste, especially construction and demolition debris.

How much rubbish and waste can a typical rubbish removal vehicle carry? The above table gives rough estimates of the total capacity of these types of vehicles.

Rubbish clearance vehicles

Typically, rubbish removal companies using a box tipper or Luton van will charge rates according to how full the vehicle is, e.g. ¼ load, ½ load, full load, etc. If two washing machines or a tall refrigerator are about one cubic yard, this means that a full load in a typical box tipper work out to around 20-24 washing machines or 10-14 tall refrigerators, for example.

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Rubbish removal company near me: Frequently asked questions

Is rubbish removal in London more expensive than in other parts of the UK?

Rubbish removal costs may vary quite a bit from location to location, but generally, the higher costs of living and higher business expenses in London mean that prices tend to be marginally higher than elsewhere in the UK. On the other hand, more rubbish removal companies in London means that there is more competition and incentive to keep costs reasonable.

Are rubbish removal companies in rural areas as efficient as those in cities?

Yes. Local rubbish removal companies in the UK tend to provide local expertise and be able to serve residents of rural and remote areas with the high quality of service expected of them. This includes knowledge of routes to and from customers’ properties as well as to/from local Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs), landfills, and recycling centres.

How do I find rubbish removal services that comply with my local council's waste disposal regulations?

All waste carriers should be operating legitimate businesses and have a valid waste carrier licence. This also means that they should be fully compliant with local council waste disposal regulations such as sorting and disposing of various waste streams at approved facilities including landfills and recycling centres. Use to find reputable and legally compliant waste clearance companies near you in the UK.

Do I need to pay extra for rubbish removal in remote areas of the UK?

It depends. Rubbish removal companies that serve remote areas of the UK need to factor in fuel expenses and labour and as such the price may be higher for these areas. Pricing depends on these factors as well as your choice of rubbish removal company. Always get a quote before engaging in business with your preferred rubbish clearance company.

Can I book a rubbish removal service for multiple locations across the UK?

Yes. If you own or manage multiple residential or commercial properties in the UK you can use to find reputable, vetted and approved waste carriers for each location. Note that many of our licensed waste carriers operate independent businesses and their coverage areas may vary.

How do I check if a rubbish removal company covers my specific postcode or region?

Simply click on GET QUOTES and enter your postcode to find reputable, licensed waste carriers near you, anywhere in the UK through the network. We have licensed waste carriers operating in postcodes all across England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Do I have to sort my waste before hiring a rubbish removal company near me?

Not necessarily. Although it may be beneficial to sort through unwanted rubbish and waste before calling a local rubbish removal company near you, many can sort and dispose of mixed rubbish and waste.

Do rubbish clearance companies provide waste bin collection services?

Yes. Rubbish removal companies near you provide waste bin collection services in the event that your local council missed your bin, if you missed the collection date, or if your household rubbish bins were too much for council waste management teams to collect.

How do I know if a rubbish removal company is licensed?

Your local rubbish removal company should possess a valid licence as an upper-tier waste carrier or equivalent in the UK. You can check this via the following licensing authorities: Environment Agency (England), Natural Resources Wales (Wales), Scottish Environment Protection Agency (Scotland), or the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (Northern Ireland) registries, respectively.

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Rubbish clearance is essential in towns and cities everywhere in the UK, but the rampant fly-tipping by rogue traders means that it’s crucial to only engage with genuine, trustworthy, licensed waste carriers near you. is your number one choice for connecting with vetted and approved rubbish clearance companies in the UK. Our licensed waste carrier member partners operate in towns and cities in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, offering competitive prices and convenient same-day or next-day rubbish removal services for homes and businesses.

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