House Clearance Near Me: Full and Partial House Clearance Services

Have you been searching for “house clearance near me” to de-clutter your home or to clear out a rental property? This guide to house clearance will seek to answer some common questions you may have about household rubbish clearance in the UK such as:

  • What is house clearance?
  • What are some of the different types of house clearance?
  • Is it better to hire a man and van house clearance team or hire a skip bin?
  • What are some of the benefits of a house clearance?
  • Who needs house clearance and what are the different types of services available?
  • What is the house clearance process and what should I know about it?
  • How much does house clearance cost in the UK?
  • How can I find a reputable house clearance company near me?
  • Why is it important to choose a licensed waste carrier in the UK?

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Table of contents:

What is household clearance?

Household clearance, or house clearance, is a service that many companies provide in the UK for homeowners. This service may be their only service or they may provide other services such as commercial property clearance, garden clearance, construction & demolition debris removal, or other services for their customers.

House clearance is a type of rubbish clearance whereby a man and van team collects, transports, and disposes of a wide range of household rubbish and/or waste. This could be for a garage, basement, multiple rooms, or an entire property.

There are many different reasons why individuals request house clearance services, such as cleaning and tidying up a home or a flat, as a result of an eviction, probate or estate cleanouts, or de-cluttering a hoarder’s home.

The types of rubbish and waste that are typically removed during a house clearance vary widely, but some simple examples include furniture, white goods, excess household waste, electronics, mattresses, home decor, books, clothing, etc.

House clearance companies vs rubbish removal companies

Although many rubbish removal companies provide house clearance services, there is a slight difference in semantics between these two terms. In the UK, a rubbish removal company is generally a man and van rubbish collection company that collects, transports, and disposes of a wide range of rubbish and waste from domestic and commercial properties.

These companies tend to charge fees for removal based on the type and quantity of rubbish, typically per cubic yard or by the proportion of the vehicle’s capacity, e.g. ¼ full, ½ full, full load, etc.

Conversely, a house clearance company (typically they will refer to themselves as this rather than as a rubbish removal company) provides rubbish collection and removal services for rooms or entire homes but they generally operate by reselling usable rubbish. This means that, generally speaking, they tend to offer discounted prices for certain types of rubbish or may even pay you for certain items.

Naturally, there is some semantic overlap between these two terms and many rubbish removal companies will have an incentive to resell or refurbish some household rubbish, since this means less fees for them at the landfill or recycling centre which results in savings for the end customer.

House clearance

Different types of house clearance

House clearance is a general term for removing rubbish from a house, but depending on the needs of the property owner, the type and quantity of rubbish may vary significantly from just a couple of old furniture items to quite literally cleaning out an entire property, for example.

This section will outline the different types of rubbish and waste that are commonly cleared out from homes, the types of individuals that need house clearance, and the different categories of house clearance.

Who needs house clearances?

Below are some common examples of the types of individuals that may require house clearance services:

  • Homeowners;
  • Tenants;
  • Landlords or letting agencies dealing with eviction cleanouts;
  • Estate and probate clearance of properties of deceased individuals for inheritors, executors, and/or legal professionals;
  • Hoarders;
  • DIY home remodelling.

Types of house clearances

Rubbish removal companies can provide a wide range of full and partial house clearance services, including:

  • Garage clearance;
  • Bathroom clearance;
  • Kitchen clearance;
  • Storage room clearance;
  • Clearance of multiple rooms;
  • Full rental property cleanout;
  • Full house clearance.

Your rubbish doesn’t necessarily all need to be in the same room for a man and van team to collect, but it might make things easier if all unwanted rubbish is separated from the rest of your belongings.

Types of household rubbish & waste

What exactly do rubbish removal companies collect and remove in a house clearance? Some common examples include:

  • Furniture, e.g. chairs, tables, sofas, recliners, desks, etc.;
  • White goods, e.g. dishwashers, washing machines, tumble dryers, refrigerators, etc.;
  • Home electronics, e.g. desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, monitors, TV sets, audio equipment;
  • Clothing & textiles, e.g. shirts, trousers, jackets, jumpers, dresses, etc.;
  • Books, newspapers, cardboard, boxes, paper packaging;
  • Kitchenware and crockery, e.g. pots, pans, cutlery, kitchen appliances, plates, etc.;
  • Child toys, games, playsets, musical instruments, baby cribs, prams, baby car seats, etc.;
  • Mattresses, beds, bedframes, linen bedding, duvets, pillows;
  • Christmas trees, ornaments, home decor, artwork, statues, bric-a-brac, etc.;
  • Bulky items, e.g. wardrobes, pianos, billiards tables, etc.

There are many other examples of household rubbish, but these are amongst the most common. House clearance companies can also remove ordinary household waste and recyclables, so if you missed council bin collection day or you had too much to get rid of, these can be quickly collected by a rubbish removal company as well.

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House clearance vs skip hire

There are many ways to remove unwanted rubbish and clutter from your home. Two of the most popular and convenient ways are with a man and van house clearance team and hiring a skip bin.
Below are some of the pros and cons of each method of rubbish removal for homes.

Hiring a skip bin


  • Convenient for continuous disposal of waste over days or weeks;
  • Generally easier for disposing of bulk inert waste such as soil, rubble, and concrete;
  • Sometimes cheaper for certain bulk quantities of one type of waste.


  • Need to dispose of all rubbish and waste yourself;
  • Generally not possible to mix various types of waste;
  • May require permits if placed on public right-of-way;
  • Can be around 25% more expensive than man and van rubbish clearance;
  • Skip bins tend to be unsightly and may attract rodents or litter from passersby.

Hiring a man and van house clearance company


  • Quick and efficient rubbish removal when it’s most convenient for you;
  • No need to do any heavy lifting;
  • Can be about 25% cheaper than hiring a skip bin;
  • House clearance teams can collect and sort all types of rubbish and household waste.


  • Less convenient for continuous waste disposal, e.g. for building contractors or for remodelling projects spanning days or weeks;
  • Less efficient for certain types of inert waste such as soil or rubble.

House clearance vs skip bin hire: which is better?

When deciding whether to hire a skip bin or call a house clearance company near you, there’s quite a bit to consider.

In brief, hiring a skip is typically only the better choice for ongoing projects such as remodelling, building, or demolition work on your property. The continuous flow of debris over the course of a few days or weeks makes skip bins practical and economical.

In just about every other circumstance, hiring a man and van house clearance team is the better choice. Although the cost of rubbish removal varies on many factors, house clearance will generally cost about 25% less than hiring a skip bin.

Key benefits of professional house clearance services

What are some of the benefits of hiring a man and van house clearance company for your home? Below are some of the key benefits:

  • Convenient:
    house clearance companies in the UK will do all of the heavy lifting for you, making it a hands-off affair without the need to break a sweat;
  • Affordable:
    local, independent house clearance companies tend to offer competitive prices for rubbish removal and can even offer discounts or money back on items that can be resold;
  • Flexible:
    get any rubbish removed, any time, anywhere in the UK, including same-day and next-day house clearance services through;
  • Efficient:
    depending on the type and quantity of rubbish, a man and van team can collect, load up, and transport rubbish and waste from your property in anywhere from half an hour for partial clearance of a garage to a few hours or longer for larger projects such as full house clearance;
  • Environmentally Friendly:
    many house clearance companies are incentivised to seek environmentally friendly alternatives to disposing of rubbish and waste at landfills. This may include refurbishing and/or reselling usable items like furniture, choosing recycling facilities for any recyclables, or disposing of organic waste at composting facilities.

The house clearance process explained

  • Get a quote: enter your postcode and browse through the house clearance companies near you here on Request one or more FREE, no-obligation quotes for house clearance;
  • Let your preferred house clearance company know what you need removed from your home. Most rubbish removal companies will ask you to send them a photo of the rubbish or will come to your property to provide an in-person estimate of how much the job will cost and how long it will take;
  • Schedule an appointment with your preferred house clearance company. Many member partners can provide same-day or next-day house clearance services. You will either need to be present at the appointed time to let the man and van team into your house or will need to provide access otherwise, i.e. allowing a letting agent or bailiff enter the property for rental units;
  • Give ample time and space for the man and van team to clear out any unwanted rubbish from your property. Partial house clearance jobs of a few items of furniture might take half an hour or so, whereas full house clearance for hoarder’s homes might take a full day, for example;
  • Obtain an itemised invoice or receipt from the house clearance team. This acts as evidence that your rubbish was collected by a licensed waste carrier and a degree of accountability. Since illegal fly tipping is prevalent in the UK, you should always use due diligence and choose a licensed waste carrier that operates legally and disposes of household rubbish and waste in an environmentally responsible manner;
  • Enjoy your house, clean and tidy!

It should also be noted that many household clearance companies also provide a thorough clean-up after having removed all unwanted rubbish. These types of value-added services are convenient for property owners that need to turn over a rental unit for a new tenant or for any homeowner that wants a complete service that leaves their home hygienic and clean after all rubbish is gone.

Enquire with your preferred rubbish removal company if they provide clean-up services and, if so, how much they charge if you desire to have your property cleaned afterwards.

The cost of house clearance services in the UK

How much does house clearance cost in the UK? It depends on many factors. Prices quoted for house clearance vary depending on how much rubbish needs to be removed, the type of rubbish, and how much labour is required.

For house clearance jobs, the size of the house is usually somewhat indicative of how much you might expect to pay. To give a very rough estimate, a one-bedroom flat might cost about £470 to fully clear whereas a three-bedroom house might cost £870 or more to fully clear. This assumes that the entire house needs to be cleared out.

Alternatively, it may be better to consider the cost of rubbish removal in terms of cubic yards if you haven’t got too much. To give some context, one cubic yard is about the size of a washing machine and a tumble dryer, or a large refrigerator. For partial house clearances where you need a storage area de-cluttered, for example, estimating the cubic yards will likely give you a better impression of the cost.

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House clearance near me: Frequently asked questions

How do I schedule house clearance services through

Easy as one, two, three. Click on GET QUOTES, enter your postcode, then contact any nearby house clearance companies to request a FREE, no-obligation quote. Our member partners are all licensed waste carriers in the UK that can remove rubbish and waste from domestic and commercial properties in the UK.

What sorts of rubbish are removed during a house clearance?

Man and van house clearance teams can collect and remove a wide assortment of sundry rubbish and household waste, including furniture, white goods, electronics, bulky items, kitchenware, cabinets, mattresses, and much more.

Do I need to prepare my house for a house clearance?

Not necessarily. If you only need certain items removed, it can help to separate them from belongings that don’t need to be removed. Please communicate with the man and van team when they arrive about which items you need removed and which to leave alone. Be sure to put away any sensitive documents and valuable belongings so that they don’t accidentally get mixed with other rubbish and waste.

How do rubbish removal companies clear out entire houses?

Most rubbish removal companies use box tippers or Luton vans with a fixed capacity size. Generally, a full Luton van can carry approximately 16 cubic yards or around 1,000 kg of weight, which may be suitable for a few rooms full of rubbish. Full house clearance jobs may require multiple trips with these vehicles. Discuss your requirements with your preferred house clearance company in advance so that they can make appropriate arrangements.

Can I schedule a house clearance for a specific date and time?

Yes. One of the key benefits of house clearance from man and van teams is that you can schedule an appointment at a time that is convenient for you. With, it’s sometimes possible to request same-day or next-day rubbish clearance with our member partners.

What happens to rubbish and waste collected during a house clearance?

It depends. Rubbish that can be reused, refurbished, and/or resold can be spared from landfills, such as furniture or white goods, for example. Recyclable materials can be broken down and disposed of at recycling facilities. Organic waste and garden waste can be disposed of at composting facilities. Any remaining waste that cannot be diverted will be sent to a licensed landfill.

Are house clearance companies incentivised to recycle rubbish?

Yes. Landfills in the UK charge fees for disposing of waste, so rubbish removal companies are directly incentivised economically to seek legal and environmentally conscious alternatives that divert waste from the landfill. This may include refurbishment and resale of rubbish, recycling, or composting.

Are there any types of rubbish or waste that cannot be collected during a house clearance?

Yes. Aside from items that you do not wish to be removed during a house clearance, rubbish removal companies typically cannot handle or dispose of waste deemed hazardous, which includes items such as rubble containing asbestos, solvents, pesticides, flammable gases or liquids, and many others.

How do I get rid of heavy, bulky items from my house?

Rubbish removal companies can collect and remove heavy, bulky, or otherwise awkward items from your house, load it onto a specially adapted rubbish removal vehicle, and dispose of it safely. This may include carrying bulky rubbish items up or down flights of stairs or in/from other confined spaces.

How to schedule an appointment for household clearance

Need house clearance for your property? No matter where your property is located in the UK, makes it as easy as one, two, three to get rid of any rubbish, at any time, anywhere in the UK.

Why do customers trust for house clearance services? We only work with vetted and approved, licensed waste carriers in the UK that meet our stringent standards of quality and a commitment to eco-friendly rubbish and waste disposal. Moreover, customers tend to be highly satisfied with the competitive prices and flexible appointment times of our dependable man and van teams.

How to choose a reputable house clearance company

Many rubbish removal companies in the UK provide house clearance services and it tends to be one of their most common services, so finding a man and van rubbish removal team isn’t too difficult. Finding a reputable, competitively-priced rubbish removal company, however, can be a challenge.

Local, independent rubbish removal companies often provide better prices and more personalised and friendly service than national franchises, but it is essential to only choose licensed waste carriers and to avoid prices that appear too good to be true. Many rogue traders contribute to the fly-tipping problem in the UK, offering customers rock-bottom prices only to illegally toss their load into a ditch or on private property.

For peace of mind, convenience, and full assurance that you’re dealing with legitimate, licensed waste carriers in the UK, choose Get a FREE quote from one of our member partners today.

Choose for same-day house clearance is your ideal network for connecting directly with local, independent rubbish removal companies in the UK that provide house clearance services to keep your property clean and tidy.

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