House clearance

Tackling a house full of unwanted furniture and possessions can be a daunting prospect, and you may not know where to start. Here is a suggestion - for full or partial house clearance services, delivered with sensitivity and compassion as well as value for money, contact Our teams appreciate that there are very many reasons why someone would need a house clearing, and some of these can be quite stressful. You can rely on our teams to treat the house contents with respect, and to ensure that the majority of the items of furniture and as many of the other bits and pieces as possible are routed to people who can make further use of them. We pride ourselves that at least 90% of the items removed by our teams are reused, refurbished or recycled, with only a tiny 10% getting routed to landfill.

Insured, licensed and environmentally responsible

Whether you are looking for a full house clearance, a partial clearance or just one particular bulky item to be removed, our rubbish collection teams can help. We are a waste removal network that stretches nationwide across England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, but all our teams are licensed, insured local independent operators. This means that they are small enough to be responsive, flexible enough to meet your exact needs, and that they have useful local knowledge. Your chosen operators will arrive at the appointed time, load up all the unwanted items such as furniture, bulky waste and junk, and remove it from your property.

We ensure all our teams are licensed and insured to carry waste items, and that means registration with the Environment Agency, plus taking out full public liability insurance. You can be confident that every single item they remove will end up exactly where it should, and none of it will be disposed of illegally or fly-tipped. All waste is sorted before disposal into reusable items such as furniture, bric-a-brac, clothing etc, which is routed to organisations that can make use of it. The remainder is taken to local authorised recycling centres, for safe (and legal) disposal.

Please note that under the terms of the Environment Agency licensing, most of our teams are unable to handle hazardous waste such as asbestos and asbestos products, flammable chemicals or waste likely to cause a bio-hazard. These items need to be handled by specialists who hold the relevant industry approvals.

What house clearance services are available?

House clearance is a general term for a wide range of services, and they can all be tailored to meet your individual requirements. Here are a few examples:

Full or partial house clearance

Our teams will load and remove absolutely everything that you specify from any area of a property. Our service covers all the rooms in a house, flat, maisonette or bungalow, as well as other areas such as the loft or attic, cellar, garage, conservatory, shed or outhouse, plus garden contents too. Items that our teams can remove includes furniture, curtains and carpets, white goods (fridge, cooker etc.), bric-a-brac, clothing, garden waste and junk. This service is particularly popular with landlords who have been left with unwanted items at the end of a tenancy.

Full or partial house clearance can also be required following a bereavement, or when someone has moved into long-term care, and we appreciate that such clearances need to be handled sensitively and compassionately. You can call on our teams to carry out your rubbish clearance, confident in the knowledge that they understand the emotions that can surround the disposal of even everyday items which may hold sentimental value.

Bulky waste removal

If you have one or more large items to dispose of, you can rely on us to solve the removal problem for you. Items typically include sofas and armchairs, tables and chairs, wardrobes, beds and mattresses and unwanted garden items such as sheds, trampolines, garden waste and paving slabs or stones.

Tips on preparing for a house clearance

Allow sufficient time for the clearance to be completed. Often, house clearances need to be done quickly because a property has been sold, or a rental period is ending. Our teams work rapidly and efficiently, but they do need time in order to complete their tasks safely. A single load can be collected and removed within one or two hours, but it can take half a day to fully clear one room. If you use this timescale to estimate the length of time needed in order to complete your clearance, you will avoid running out of time (and reduce the amount of stress involved).

Check for (and remove) items of high value. If you suspect that some of the items in the property may have a high monetary value, you will need to get an expert appraisal before clearance begins. This is especially important if a bereavement is involved, and a valuation is needed for probate. It could certainly be worthwhile to get an expert in to appraise the items. If you have a local auction house, or antiques centre, they may be able to give you an accurate valuation. Jewellery, quality furniture, sculptures, paintings, vases and other decorative items all fall into the category of potential high-value items.

Don’t forget sentimental value either - don’t miss out on the opportunity to retain keepsakes.

Don’t leave documentation around. If documentation with confidential information is put into the paper recycling system, you may be leaving yourself open to one of the fastest growing problems anywhere in the UK - identity theft. Typical sensitive documents include bank and credit card statements, insurance paperwork, personal letters and anything with names, addresses, personal details and financial information on it. It is especially important to remove and retain this type of paperwork in the case of a bereavement, as the documents may be needed in order to wind up the deceased’s estate.

These few simple tips should help to make your full or partial house clearance as effortless and straightforward as possible when combined with the expert help from