Skip Hire: There Are Better & Cheaper Alternatives

When you’re trying to dispose of a quantity of rubbish or junk, you may be tempted to call for a skip to be delivered. Before you commit to skip hire, have you considered the alternatives? Why not hire a ‘man with a van’ to clear your waste for you? There are many benefits over hiring a skip, including cost savings and flexibility, and there are no real downsides that we can think of.

Don’t hire a skip, hire a ‘man with a van’


The difference between ‘skip hire’ and ‘man & van’

Hiring a skip may seem like a good idea, but there are many factors to consider. Do you have space for a skip? Are you aware that you can’t throw just anything into a skip? Here is a comparison between the key points of skip hire and the ‘man with a van’ approach we provide.

Skip Hire Man & Van
You need space to park a skip. You may need a local authority permit, and you may incur parking charges. We turn up, load up and we’re gone.
You have to fill the skip yourself. We do all the hard work for you. Labour costs are included in the price we quote.
A publicly-accessible skip is a temptation to illicit tipping. You may be charged extra or even fined for inappropriate material in your skip, even if you didn’t put it there. We control what’s loaded up – we ensure we only take your own items.
You have no control over what happens to the skip contents. We ensure items are assessed for re-use, refurbishing or recycling. We ensure the contents go to an appropriately licensed site for correct disposal.
You pay a fixed fee for a specific size of skip, regardless of whether you fill it or not. We only charge for the items we remove.
You have to wait for the skip to be delivered before you can start to fill it, and then collected when you’ve finished. We turn up at an appointed time, and we can load as you go if that suits you better.
Skips are delivered and collected by lorry. This is only possible in areas where heavy vehicles can gain access, which may not be where the waste is situated. Do you really want a skip in your front garden for a week? Our vans and trucks are light vehicles and can access even narrow or low clearance areas. They come at the appointed time to the location of the waste, load up and go.

We are fast, reliable, licensed and trustworthy

Our local man & van teams work quickly and efficiently across the UK, and they even clean up after themselves so you’re never left with a mess to sort out. We are flexible, clean and green – we aim to re-use or recycle up to 90% of the items we remove, with only 10% going to landfill, and we’re pretty successful at hitting our targets.

Although we are a national network, all our members are local, trusted independent licensed waste carriers. Our local teams offer a rapid service combined with flexibility and reliability. They take all the hard work out of removing unwanted items from your home, office, garden or garage. You can be confident that whatever material they remove will be handled correctly, and disposed of in the most appropriate way. All our teams hold relevant industry approvals for safe and responsible handling of waste - from green waste to furniture, rubble and electronic goods, and they operate to the ‘re-use, refurbish, recycle’ mindset. You can be confident that wherever possible, the majority of the material they collect will avoid joining the thousands of tons of material that goes into landfill each year, and which has the potential for such a negative impact on the environment.

Don’t hire a skip, hire a ‘man with a van’


We can remove it

If it’s possible to put it into a skip, we can take it away for you. This includes a surprising number of categories of waste, including electrical appliances (these are subject to WEEE regulations for disposal), garden waste (green waste, soil, garden furniture), furniture and household goods, metal, cardboard, paper, plastic, rubble and builder’s waste to name but a few.

A great many items (such as furniture) get disposed of because they are no longer of use to the original owner, but they could be of real use to someone else. These often get dumped into skips and are rendered unusable by being crushed or contaminated, and ending up being recycled or as landfill. Using the service to remove your ‘junk’ or bulky items means that they will stand a much better chance of being re-used as they are, or refurbished for future re-use, which is great for the environment.

What are you waiting for?

Don’t hire a skip, our man and van service can work out cheaper, and be more flexible and greener than skip hire. Trust our registered waste carriers to turn up on time, remove your rubbish, junk and bulky waste items the same day, and leave your premises neat, tidy and free from rubbish.