New Year, New Space – 10 Ways to Declutter Your Home

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It won’t be long before we’re taking down the Christmas decorations, hoovering up the pine needles and packing everything back into the loft. It’s amazing how clean and bright the house can look once the festive adornments have been removed, and that fresh look may get you thinking about Declutter your home ready for the year ahead. 

New Year, New Space - 10 Ways to Declutter Your Home Rubbish Clearance

Whether you are considering renovating or decorating later in the year, you are planning to extend your family or you simply want more living space, here are ten tips on how to clear the clutter and welcome in 2024.

1. Make a list

Before you start tackling what can often be a gigantic job, sit down with a cup of tea and a pen and paper. Make a list of the rooms that need to be decluttered and prioritise them in order. For example, starting with the bedroom is a great idea as you will have a clean and tidy room to retire to at the end of the day. Or you may want to start with the living room first.

2. Grab some boxes and bags

Decluttering doesn’t necessarily mean throwing everything away. In addition to the items that make it to the rubbish pile, there are items that you may wish to put in another room, to put in storage or to take to the charity shop. Grab at least three boxes or black sacks and sort your items depending on where they are to go next.

3. Get the whole family involved

Decluttering doesn’t have to be a one man or woman job. By getting the whole family involved you will have the task completed in no time. One word of warning though – small children will want to hold onto everything! Yes, even those broken toys and small and seemingly unimportant pieces of paper under their bed. Therefore, it might be best to declutter their rooms when they are at school or nursery.

4. One area at a time

By clearing one area at a time, you will feel a sense of accomplishment once you have finished decluttering that area. Start with a cupboard, shelf or general storage area and have your boxes and bags close by so that you can just sort and discard items easily.

5. Be ruthless

Not used that footbath in years? In the charity box it goes! Finished with those magazines? In the rubbish bag with them! We all get attached to things, but if they no longer have a use, do you really want them taking up valuable space in your home. By being ruthless, it is amazing how much stuff you can get rid of and how much space you can claim back.

6. Get clever with storage

Decluttering can also involve sorting through items and finding new homes for them. For instance, a new book shelf or storage cabinet can create order out of chaos, helping you to keep books, piles of necessary paperwork and other odds and ends safely tucked away and out of sight. There are many clever storage options available today that are both stylish and practical.

7. Keep paperwork in order

Do you know where your birth certificate and passport is? Are your bank statements close to hand? Do you have your latest utility bill somewhere easily accessible? Most homes contain a lot of necessary and important paperwork, but unfortunately these items are often stuffed into drawers or kept in the wrong place. By creating a folder system for your paperwork you will no longer panic the next time you go to the airport or need to produce your latest utility bill as ID as you’ll have all of your paperwork in one place.

8. Clear counters, clear mind

Did you know that the less clutter you have around you, the less cluttered your mind will be? Tidy surfaces can also help you to be more organised, to stick to a routine and be more motivated in general. By keeping at least one counter clear of clutter in your kitchen, you will always have somewhere to easily prepare food, catch up on paperwork or simply read the newspaper.

9. Arrange rubbish removal

Decluttering your home is great for the soul, but it can create a lot of rubbish. Don’t hire a skip or take up more of your valuable time driving to the local tip (along with half the world at this time of year!) when you can arrange easy and convenient rubbish removal. Our waste disposal teams are on hand to collect and dispose of any items you no longer need and we can collect at a time to suit you.

10. Stand back and admire your new home

Once you have decluttered each room, stand back and admire your handiwork. Take photos of each room so that you can remember what they are supposed to look like and to give you a boost to keep them that way in the future.