Securing Your New Property

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Moving into a new property is an exciting but stressful experience, whether you’re buying or renting. There’s always so much to do – clearing out all the old stuff left behind by the previous owner or tenant, bringing your own stuff in and deciding where to put it all. It’s exhausting but rewarding. Getting your property cleared of unwanted furniture, carpets, garden and garage waste is the easy part. You just need to call upon – your network of independent man and van waste removal teams. Bring in a local rubbish removal team and they will come to your property, load up and remove all the unwanted stuff for environmentally-conscious disposal. Among all the hustle and bustle of moving in, there is one thing that new householders often neglect, and that is to ensure that the property is secure right from the word go – this is where Rated Locksmiths comes in.

Securing Your New Property Rubbish Clearance

Rated Locksmiths is the Number One UK-wide network of independent locksmiths, and they are on hand to tackle all sorts of domestic lock and key related problems. They can fit, upgrade, repair and replace locks of all types, sort out lock-outs and broken keys, and supply duplicate keys quickly and cost-effectively. But why would you need the services of a locksmith when you move house? There are several reasons:

Why do you need a locksmith when moving house?

1. When you are handed the keys to your new property, how can you be sure you have them all in your hand? The previous resident may have given a spare key to a friend or relative, and forgotten to get it back, or they may have lost their keys or had them stolen. This means that your property is at risk of being accessed without your permission.

2. The type of locks currently fitted to your property may not be up to the latest security standards. Feeling unsafe in your own home can be a major problem, especially when we are all having to spend so much time there during the coronavirus lockdown. Anything that can be done to ease the burden of lockdown on our mental health is certainly worth doing.

3. Your locks may not be working efficiently – typical problems are the key being too stiff to turn easily, or the key being worn – in both these circumstances, there is always a risk of the key breaking off in the lock. Locks that are hard to open are often hard to lock as well, leaving you with a totally unsecured property.

So, what can a professional locksmith do to help? The short answer is, they can resolve all these issues rapidly, and affordably. Call in one of our highly skilled and fully-experienced locksmiths, and they will set to work straight away to provide the most appropriate solution to your particular situation.

What can Rated Locksmiths do for you?

If your locks are faulty or not up to standard, they can replace them with a high-quality alternative which meets all current quality and security standards. If the locks are fully functional and otherwise adequate for the task, the locksmith can often re-key them rather than replace them. This means changing the mechanism of the lock to accept a new key, which will be handed to you, so no matter how many copies of the previous key are still in existence, you can be confident yours is the only one that will now work. If you do get your locks re-keyed, or simply want to replace a worn key, it’s always a good idea to have a copy made at the same time to avoid the possibility of a lock-out if you lose or damage your key.

Choose Rated Locksmiths for local, affordable services

The Rated Locksmiths website is the go-to place to find a full range of local, affordable locksmith services. Our members don’t only deal with domestic locks either, you can find commercial and automotive locksmiths there too. When you move house, make sure your new property is totally secure by getting a free, no-obligation online quote through Rated Locksmiths.