Factory clearance

Are you looking for some help with disposal of junk, bulky waste, unwanted goods or redundant machinery that has accumulated around your factory or warehouse? Working in a cluttered environment is inefficient and can even be unsafe, so now’s the time for a good clear-out to free up that valuable space. What you need is a team of people with experience in factory clearance. A team who are fully insured, licensed by the Environment Agency, adhere to all Health and Safety at Work rules and have a positive attitude to protecting the environment. You need the help of a factory rubbish clearance team from Rubbish.com.

Whether you are simply in need of rubbish removal services, you have closed down a factory / warehouse or you are moving to new premises, our teams are on hand to offer the best possible service at the best possible prices. If the task is a simple one - something that can be completed within one day, we can often give you a quote based on a description or a photograph of the job. If it’s a larger task, such as a full factory rubbish clearance, especially one involving large machinery, a quotation visit is advised. Whatever the job, large or small, you can be confident that our teams will turn up at the appointed time in a suitable vehicle, and remove everything that you ask for, with minimal disruption or fuss and no mess left behind.

What we can take away

Every factory clearance is different, each presenting its own set of challenges. The range of items that we can remove is extensive, so this is just a sample:

Factory Furniture - the usual items include tables (work tables, meeting room tables . . .), chairs and desks, filing cabinets and lockers, sofas and easy chairs, canteen and kitchen furniture

Plant and Machinery - heavy machinery (dismantled and removed), workshop machinery, forklift trucks, conveyor belts

Electronics and Electrical Goods - computers, computer parts, monitors, headsets, modems, printers, fax machines, photocopiers, coffee and vending machines, freezers, fridges, ovens and hobs, hot food servers, information boards, telephones

General Waste - scrap metal, glass, bulky waste, paper, cardboard, scrap wood, fabrics

Products - part-completed or unsaleable items, unwanted stock and returned goods

Soft Furnishings - carpets, mats, curtains

As you can see, it’s quite and extensive list, but there are some hazardous items that we can’t handle such as flammables, toxic materials, bio-hazard items, asbestos and so-on. If you are in any doubt about your waste removal needs, please ask us.

Factory rubbish clearance the easy way

Our professional ‘man with a van’ waste carriers are reliable, punctual and environmentally conscious. Once you have made your rubbish clearance appointment, you can sit back and let our teams get on with solving your factory clearance and bulky waste removal problems. Our teams only charge for the materials they load up and take away, and you can be confident that all the items they remove will be disposed of carefully and ethically.

Our members are located all across the UK, and they are all independent waste clearance operators, holding appropriate Environment Agency approvals and public liability insurance. Membership of our network is based upon the premise that all the operators must work to deliver the same high standards of quality and customer care. However, because they are small, independent businesses, our customers benefit from the flexibility of services and pricing that these individual operators are able to offer. You will be dealing directly with local operators, combined with the reassurance of the backing of a national organisation.

Re-use, refurbish, recycle

Our waste carriers’ commitment to the environment is demonstrated in the way they handle every item that they remove from your premises. Wherever possible, items will be put back directly into use, or refurbished to enable their re-use. Where re-use is not possible, the next option is to recycle the component parts through the appropriate processes. The last (and least preferred) option is to send the residue to landfill, which is always done with reluctance. Over the last few years, our teams have managed to prevent 90% of the items they handle from reaching landfill, with only the remaining 10% going to various approved landfill sites.

One thing you can be sure of - your waste items will never end up being dumped illegally.

We save you time and money

Using a waste disposal team via Rubbish.com is much more convenient and can actually work out cheaper than some other options such as skip hire. With a skip, you pay a standard charge regardless of how much material is put into it. In reality, a skip is not a suitable way to handle factory clearance items such as furniture and machinery, as the space will not be used efficiently if you just pile it all in. When our rubbish removal teams load up your unwanted items, scrap or junk, they do it in a space-efficient manner, and they are also careful not to crush or damage anything that may prove to be suitable for re-use or refurbishment later on. In addition, you only pay for the waste that they remove, and once you’ve made it clear what needs removing, you can simply leave them to get on with it; convenient and time-efficient.

It makes sense to get a quote via rubbish.com

From single bulky waste items to full factory junk removal, it makes sense to request a quote via Rubbish.com. We guarantee that you will get the best possible services at the best possible prices in your area. You will make savings on your valuable time, your effort and some money too, so what are you waiting for?