Shop clearance

Is your shop being refurbished or maybe you’re moving to bigger premises and you need the old place cleared of accumulated junk and old fittings? Have you had a big sales promotion or clearance sale and been left with too much packing material and unwanted stuff? Or are you simply benefitting from a busy spell over a holiday or celebration time? There’s no need to hire a skip and try to clear it away yourself; you don’t need to hire in extra staff, or ask your employees to do the clear-up when they could be getting on with something more profitable. The answer to your rubbish and bulky waste removal problem is to bring in our team of shop clearance experts, and let them get on with it.

Whether you need a full shop clearance, or just excess rubbish removing because you’ve been busy, one of our teams will come along in a suitable van or tipper truck, load up and remove junk, rubbish or bulky waste from your shop premises, and take it away for disposal. What’s more, we guarantee the best prices on shop clearance services in your area. We appreciate that there is no time to waste when you need to get your premises cleared, so our teams will be with you as soon as they can - often on the same day.

Shop rubbish removal

Anyone who has run a shop will know that it’s easy to be swamped with rubbish during a busy spell. Cardboard boxes, paper, polystyrene, plastic wrap, other packing materials - they quickly mount up. After unpacking stock, you often end up with your waste bins full, and the back room full of materials. If this waste starts to spill out onto the pavement or is left on the shop floor, it makes your premises look unsightly and can put off potential customers, which could be a disaster. This is where we can be of immediate help. Our waste disposal teams can remove waste materials quickly and efficiently, at a time that suits you and causes minimal disruption to your business, and leave your shop front and sales floor clean and clear. The majority of commercial packing materials can be easily routed into the correct recycling stream, and you can rely on our teams to ensure your shop rubbish ends up in the right place. Whether you need a one-off shop clearance service, or you are looking for an ongoing waste removal service, our teams are the people to trust.

Shop refurbishment

Maybe your business is relocating to different premises, you are doing a major renovation, or you are a landlord of a business that has closed. You may find yourself left with a whole host of miscellaneous items that need to be disposed of, and usually in a hurry. Don’t worry, our shop rubbish clearance and removal teams are familiar with all types of items and their safe and ethical disposal. Typical items that our teams regularly deal with include; shelving, racking, display mannequins, hangers, décor items, point of sale terminals, advertising screens and even full window displays. Call in our teams of waste carriers, and the job is in the best possible hands - nothing fazes them, they’ve seen it all before. Every item that is removed will be assessed to see whether it can be reused, or if it needs to go into the appropriate recycling stream. Electrical and electronic items will be handled according to the WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) regulations.

Damaged & unwanted stock removal

Any business will have a certain number of returned, damaged or unsaleable products to deal with, it’s a fact of retail life. It’s so easy to let these items pile up, but they do take up valuable space that you may need for saleable stock. Once products have been finally condemned as unsaleable, it is vital to get them removed as quickly as possible. Our waste disposal teams can remove a whole range of items, such as furniture (including bulky items like sofas, beds and wardrobes), white goods, clothing, soft furnishings, household items, electronic devices and computers. All electrical and electronic items will be handled in accordance with WEEE rules.

Environmentally aware & insured

When you request a quote via, you are dealing with a UK-wide network. However, all our shop rubbish clearance teams are locally-based, independent man and van teams. We insist that all our operators are insured (public liability and employee liability), and also licensed by the Environment Agency. This means that you benefit from a consistent UK-wide quality of service, environmental awareness and safety standards, combined with the local knowledge and flexibility offered by dealing with a small, independent business. This is truly the best of both worlds, and enables our teams to offer such flexible offerings and competitive prices.

Although all our waste carriers are independent, one thing you can be certain of is that they will ensure that all items they remove will be put into the appropriate stage of the re-use/refurbish/recycle sequence. There are often stories in the news about rogue rubbish removal men who take a fee for collecting rubbish and then fly-tip it - this is something our teams will never do. Once the material is off your hands, you can safely forget about it. Our guys will always go the extra mile to ensure your waste items are prevented from entering landfill, and we are pleased to say that 90% of the time they are successful in their efforts.

What materials can we handle?

Our teams can load up and remove most fixtures, fittings and materials that would normally be found in commercial premises. However, although it is rare, we occasionally come across odd items that we simply are unable to handle. We may be prohibited from handling them under the terms of an Environment Agency license, or because they pose a potential health and safety risk. Among these prohibited items are:

Flammables - propane and butane containers, fuel and fuel containers...

Asbestos - any asbestos or material containing asbestos...

Bio-hazards - any potentially hazardous material such as animal products, raw foodstuffs or medical waste...

Chemicals - Anything that would not ordinarily be found in a shop or household environment...

If any of these materials need to be removed, you are advised to contact a specialist team which holds the appropriate licenses to handle them.

We are there for you!

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